May 2013 updates: paper & panel acceptances, & new skills in Big Data

Good news!

In my research work in network security visualization, the paper P3D: A Parallel 3D Coordinate System for Advanced Network Scans (author list: T. Nunnally, P. Chi, K. Abdullah, A. S. Uluagac, and R. A. Beyah) has been accepted to the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Budapest, Hungary, September 2013

In my research work in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors, a thematic panel session accepted to the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Meeting. The theme of the meeting – Expanding the Core: Neglected Crimes, Groups, Causes and Policy Approaches – and will be held November 20-23 this year, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The title of our panel is “Understanding the Role of the Internet in the Sale of Sex with Minors,” with myself and Drs. Mary A. Finn and Loretta J. Stalans.

Big Data

I recently attended events in Atlanta during Big Data Week April 22-28, 2013. It is a very interesting and growing field which will help with the data I work with in both research options, including my options for my future employment. I starting taking Coursera course Machine Learning by Dr. Andrew Ng, and using Java and Python for general programming and learning to use it for machine learning and natural language processing.

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