August 2012 updates

As I had some down time from my weightlifting and women sports issues, I have been able to collaborate (with Troy Nunnally  and others in the CAP group at Georgia Tech) on a paper to be submitted about a 3D parallel coordinate systems for network security. My PhD research and thesis involved visualization and network security as well and used 2D. There is even more potential working with 3D so I am looking forward in continued collaboration in this area. After submission to the workshop, I will post more information and update my resume accordingly. A website is also up which will document the publications and background on the efforts in using 3D visualization for network security.

Base work for potential tools and solutions to aid in combating commercial sexual exploitation of minors has been granted funding from Georgia State University. The work will be led by Drs Mary Finn (Georgia State) and Loretta Stalans (Loyola). It should commence this fall. I will contribute a small portion of work, but after this important base work, we hope it will lead to useable and effective solutions that can be used in the field of which I can contribute towards.

I am happy to be working in these two areas until I am able to obtain a paid position, or sufficient research funds are granted.


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