Kulsoom Abdullah



Conference Panel:

  • Thematic panel session presenter: “Understanding the Role of the Internet in the Sale of Sex with Minors,” M. Finn, L. Stalans, and K. Abdullah. 2013 American Society of Criminology Meeting — Expanding the Core: Neglected Crimes, Groups, Causes and Policy Approaches, November 20-23, 2013, Atlanta, GA, USA.



Kulsoom Abdullah, “Scaling and Visualizing Network Data for Intrusion Detection,” Thesis Proposal, Georgia Institute of Technology, October 2004. [PDF] Presentation [PDF].


K. Abdullah, Scaling and Visualizing Network Data to Facilitate in Intrusion Detection Tasks ,” Dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology, April 2006.

Summary: Current practices of textual and textual image representation of intrusion detection data are not efficient in identifying potential attacks on the network. This problem worsens as networks grow larger, IDS data increase follows. Using graphical and visualization techniques, this data can be processed and analyzed much more efficiently by the user.

Technical Reports

  • Kulsoom Abdullah, Raheem Beyah, and John Copeland. “UDP Traffic Simulation and Results.” May 2002. Scientific Atlanta. PROPRIETARY
  • Kulsoom Abdullah, Cherita Corbett, and John Copeland. “Lucent WaveLAN Throughput Testing.” March 2002. [PDF]

About Me

I recieved my PhD at the Georgia Institute of Technology (go Jackets), in the department of Electrical Engineering. My research area was in networking, specifically visualization for network security. My adviser was Dr. John A. Copeland in the Communications Systems Center group. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Central Florida in Computer Engineering.Please check out the other links on my page for more information.  LinkedIn is the most up to date.

Interest Areas: Information Networks & Security –  Applied Machine Learning – Network Security Visualization – Human Computer Interaction – Applied Humanitarian Research

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Do not be fooled by my name. I was born in Kansas.  I am an engineer but I am not a male.  Just wanted to clarify some common generalizations 🙂


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